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Bildungsberatung Till Becker & Co. GmbH
Welcome to the Bildungsberatung!

Our key competencies are designing concepts and developments for work- process- orientated and- integrated training tools employing new digital media. This allows linking learning and working processes in order to conform to the changing future requirements of the work- environment.

The company is a spin- off from the Fraunhofer Institute for work organization (IAO) in Stuttgart and was founded in 2007.

We own special expertise in methodical and didactical handling of new media, design of quality management systems for basic and advanced training, application of Web 2.0 technologies and electronic simulation games.


We offer

  • Generation of standardized development processes for establishment of training tools for beginner- and advanced levels
  • Implementation of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 9004) in basic and advanced training
  • Application of new media in basic and advanced training, especially use of Web2.0 technologies
  • Mobile learning using various electronic devices
  • Application, design and development of electronic simulation games
  • Blueprints for training projects using new media, especially in vocational training


These offers can be used and implemented in a national, European or international environment. The company fosters the propagation of these ideas and the adoption and development of concepts for their use in  the new technological and organizational reality. The foundations for these activities rest on the research experience in the above fields at the Fraunhofer IAO for a couple of years.

The company has available a European network of leading companies in the field of “New Media in basic and advanced training” and uses their expertise in its projects.